Staircase and Stairway Falls – Not so Simple

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Stairs if not maintained properly, as it should be, can become a risk to safety to people using it, however, most of the stair-related accidents don’t really happen if not because of the carelessness or clumsiness of someone. But if the slip and fall resulted from or because of poorly maintained facilities it’s a totally different thing.

If this happened to you colorado springs personal injury attorney is your best option for help, their hard working slip and fall attorneys will exceptionally handle your case, they are expert in analyzing and examining the facts of your case and will help you fully understand your options and legal rights.It’s been reported by the National Safety Council that almost over one million injuries take place every year and more are the result of staircase and stairway falls. As a matter of fact, stairway and staircase falls accidents is considered the second leading grounds of accidental injury and this makes this type of accident falls behind the motor vehicle accidents. On an annual basis, almost 100,000 children with the age of 5 and below experience stair-related injuries. A dangerous stairway conditions normally are resulted from the poor maintenance and negligence of common wear and tear that should be checked regularly and addressed as soon as possible.

There are common causes of stairway hazards that will eventually lead to accidents resulting injury like, unevenly spaced risers, lose or missing handrail, poorly lit stairwells, cracked, worn, broken, chipped or missing steps, damaged or lose trheads, carpeting or runners, clutter or debris on stairs, and slippery or slick stairs.

A stairway accident falls legally under the premises liability, this is a legal concept for personal injury cases where in the injury happened and occurred on someone’s property and that the accident was caused by negligence, any sort of unsafe and defective condition of facilities. It’s the building owner’s obligation in keeping the staircases and stairways on their property in a safe condition.
By that being said, it’s a legal responsibility of the business owner if someone gets hurt in their company or business premise especially if the cause of the accident was their failure to hit the safety regulations, negligence in maintaining the facilities and carelessness by taking the obvious issues for granted. The victims of stairway or staircase accidents may possibly face lifelong emotional scarring or disabilities. Unfortunately, others may not be able to return to their daily jobs not to mentions handling burdensome and hefty medical bills. In the worst cases, staircase accidents can actually lead to death.

On the other hand, laws allow a victim of slip and fall injury to pull through an array of damages like lost wages, medical bills, disability, pain and suffering, future care cost, rehabilitation costs and any other damages or loss that may arise from the accident. It is for sure that dealing with a slip and fall injury is extremely stressful that is why it is a must that your personal injury attorney has an utmost compassion in handling your case.

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