Water Damage

What You Need to Know About Water Damage

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Pipe bursting, drain backing up, and flooding are some of the usual causes of water damage in homes. And these things are definitely a legitimate cause for concern. Many homeowners are at a loss as to what they should do to remediate the situation. But whatever you think you have to do, you have to do it fast. Water damage is always considered as an emergency case.

About Water Damage

But aside from the complications and the damage, one of the initial concerns is the actual cost of the project. Many homeowners are also wondering if the insurance will cover it. Water damage is as stressful as any other emergency repair work in your home. And it has to be treated right away.

Insurance Policies for Water and Flood Damage Concerns

Water damage that arises from burst pipes and floods are usually not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. The thing is if you live in areas that are likely to get flooded, a separate policy will be enforced. If you’ll report these claims to your insurance company, be sure that you clearly specify the cause of water damage so it will be processed correctly.

Always check and double check your insurance policy before making any claim related to water damage. Familiarize yourself with these types of things so you’ll know if the incident is covered or not. Water damage storms are processed differently from water damage due to an overflowing washing machine. Poor property maintenance may also cause water damage.

What to Do If You Experience Water Damage

Water damage should be stopped before it gets worse. If your property has been damaged by water, you have to start the water damage clean up process right away. If you don’t the mold damage and growth will happen and you put your family in danger. Mold is considered a major health hazard so they definitely have no place in your home.

Mold needs moisture to proliferate. That’s why they’re usually present in the carpet and drywall. You only have 24 to 48 hours before molds grow. If it’s not remediated immediately, mold will grow rapidly. Once the mold becomes widespread, only the professionals will be able to treat and eliminate them. And that’s added expense for you.

How to Handle Mold from Water Damage

The prevention of mold growth starts with drying up your property fast. This is why professional mold remediation experts do this once they get to your home. They call the process emergency water extraction using professional water removal tools and drying equipment. Mold problems are always treated as emergency cases so you are likely to find companies that are available for 24 hours.

To know if mold remediation is covered by your insurance, call them up as soon as the problem becomes imminent. If it is covered, then start the claim process immediately so you can get the problem squared out right away. If anything, your insurance company should also refer a water damage restoration company to you. Always work with a reputable company so you’ll get the best results.

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