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The Difference Between Pruning and Trimming of Trees 

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Plant maintenance is too often overlooked, despite of the benefits we can yield like achieving aesthetic purpose and mitigating insect infestation. The fact that we instantly think of trimming and pruning as similar terms that pertain to reducing the size of a tree is a validation. You got that right, these two are different from each other. Both of them have unique steps and tools to follow. Here is the lowdown on why pruning is different from trimming and vice versa.

Trimming of Trees


Pruning is a tree maintenance process that involves removal of infected or dead branches (or stems). It is done by hand to cut the stems individually. Since it is done branch-by-branch, it is not necessarily mindful of the tree’s outcome shape, making it unsophisticated and not rigid.   

What may it lacked in beauty, pruning makes up in the health department as it requires to do judicious cuts. These cuts are said to cure specific issues like damaged or diseased branches. A golden rule for pruning is to refrain from cutting any portion that is perpendicular to the damaged branch. Also, pruning should always be done half an inch above bud. We are giving it time to heal. Plus, we’re allowing the bud to grow into the next branch with ease.

Most common tools for this process are loppers, pruning shears (others refer to it as hand pruners), and pruning saws.

So is pruning important?

Pruning is definitely an important tree maintenance process to de done periodically. Trees grow taller and so are its branches. Inevitably, these (at times damaged) branches grow sporadically upward harming your neighbor’s fence or downward losing your property’s walkway (no more place for that energizing morning walk). Losing all those damaged and diseased branches will improve the tree’s immune system. It will ensure growth of the leaves and fruits for the nutrients will be properly distributed.


Trimming, on the other hand, is the process of cutting back overgrown portions of trees in an effort to keep its original shape. Trimming is also apparent on topiaries as it is deemed entirely appropriate. Contrary to pruning, trimming uses heavy electric machines to achieve a figure, like geometric ones. So, if you trim your trees, you need tree service Palm Harbor company to do the job.

Right Way of Trimming the Tree

Prune first your trees before you trim them. You need to do this during the pruning cycle which is typically every four years (this is subject to debates as some people believe it’s sooner, some people say it’s beyond four years). Aside from pruning cycle, you also need to observe growth rates. Some trees can grow as high as 15 feet in just three to four years. Other trees grow relatively slow. That being said, pruning should be substantially moderated. For every trim of a branch you make, it is required of you to observe the 45-degree angle.

That’s about it for the lowdown on pruning and trimming. Tree maintenance really needs some education, application, and appreciation to yield positive results. We tell you, the sacrifice in immersing yourself to commit is worth doing.

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